The safest way to get around Laganas is most certainly on foot. However, if you choose to hire mopeds or Quads then be extremely careful as the roads are much more dangerous in Greece than the UK. Please remember to DRIVE ON THE RIGHT in Laganas.

Mopeds can be hired from as little as €15 a day and quads from €25 a day, the prices vary so make sure you shop around. We HIGHLY recommend you wear helmets for safety.

Apart from the safety aspect, the police in Laganas are really clamping down on mopeds & Quads in the resort & are organising regular stops and fining riders without helmets a fixed fine of €380  (£265:00). They set up these road stops almost every other day in and around Laganas, so wear a helmet!

The Crossroads half way down the Laganas main strip has had several accidents over the past few years – 2 being fatal. This is a high risk Junction day & night So PLEASE PLEASE be extra careful in this location.