total karnage


total karnage


Its Sunday night in Zante. It’s been a heavy week and an even heavier weekend. But we don’t stop there… Sunday nights are PARTY NIGHT.

There is no other late-night event that happens on a SUNDAY… so it’s a no brainer.

We know you are running out of cash from a massive week and chances are you are going home soon, so ZEROS CLUB has you covered.

We give you a FREE Zeros club t-shirt to remember your time in Zante and sort you out with cheap CHEAP drinks all night.

Our weekly TOTAL KARNAGE event tries not to be cool but is nothing but FUN.
It starts in the front bar at Zeros where we play a host of bar games, throw a bit of banter around, the bartenders will have you on the bar pouring free drinks and shots and we will take requests so you get to hear the TUNES you think should be played.

End the week in style with Zante’s only LATE-NIGHT event on a Sunday.