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With our resident summer DJ’s banging out all of the best tunes of the summer, bar staff pouring shots into your mouths to lighten the atmosphere and getting you ready for another rocking night in the world famous ZEROS CLUB… we are about to raise the roof.

You know the drill its simple…

Choose your FREE t-shirt

GREEN – You are acting SINGLE and ready to flirt.
Let everyone around you know its game night. What happens in Zante, stays in Zante.

ORANGE – Read into this what you will.
Not looking for anything serious? Only looking for the ONE? Or are you just the mysterious type?

RED – Not interested.
Partner back home?, just a wingman/wingwoman? or just too hung over from last night to be able to flirt! Whatever the reason it’s always fun to watch the people around you crack on.

If only all clubs were this great.